Welcome To My Puddle

remember to wipe your feet before coming in

(not exactly mobile friendly)

Welcome to my website !!!!.

honestly im still trying to figure out coding so bare with me please lmao

(I also may or may not overhaul some things soon)

To do list

  • Make new site pages
  • Add link destinations
  • Figure out how to add a music player
  • Study html and CSS
  • Draw orginal site graphics
  • Maybe add more link destinations
  • Email Button
rawr XD


3/20/2023 added guestbook and changed some pages a bit

3/18/2023 added "my diary" page and I also updated the buttons in navigation.

3/17/2023 adding this separately because its sounds important but I finally added a page for the art corner, I haven't added my art yet but the page is most definitely there

3/17/2023 I changed the paragraph and list font to make it more easier to read, but I might change it again later to make it better

3/16/2023 added the link to the about me page

3/15/2023 changed the music playlist and started an about me page, got rid of test incoming, fixed date order on updatelog

3/14/2023 added another sidebar and added a parent container to hold elements on page, also figured out how to add music player